Ancient Chinese Astrology

Ancient Chinese Astrology is based on two wheels moving at a different rate. One wheel gives the zodiac of twelve animals and is based on Jupiter’s zodiacal position. The second wheel has the five elements and thus gives a complete cycle of 60. The polarity alternates.

Chinese system is solar-lunar like the Arabic system and consists of 28 Xiu Mansions of the moon.

Chinese Elements:

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

The elements appear to change bi-yearly

Polarity: Ying/Yang

Rat1960 Metal Yang00-02
Ox1961 Meta Yin02-04
Tiger1962 Water Yang04-06
Rabbit1963 Water yin06-08
Dragon1964 Wood Yang08-10
Snake1965 Wood Yin10-12
Horse1966 Fire Yang12-14
Sheep/Goat1967 Fire Yin14-16
Monkey1968 Earth Yang16-18
Rooster1969 Earth Yin18-20
Dog1970 Metal Yang20-22
Pig/Boar1971 Metal Yin22-24

It is also possible to work out the Sign and agent of the day. This involves looking up the daily number for your day and the number for your year and adding them together. This will give you another designation i.e. Yang Earth Horse.

Calculating Time:

  • Civic Time. The clock time of birth 20:15:00.

  • Local/Solar Time. Calculated from the sunrise, zenith, sunset and nadir at that geographical location. i.e. Central European Time. This is converted to GMT. This is because the Greenwich Meridian is at of 0 degree Longitude. Thus if you life in the UK no adjustment necessary.

  • Summer Time. A political adjustment which depends on the country and time of year. i.e. British Summer Time. British Summer Time operates one hour ahead of GMT. It operates from around the end of March to the end of October. In the period 1968-71 it operated all year round and was known as British Standard Time.

  • Sidereal Time. Look up the day in question in the Ephemerides this will give the ST at 00:00hrs that day.

  • Sidereal Time of Birth. The Sidreal Hour of Birth. Add the Local time and ST together. If larger than 24 hours than convert back to 24hr by subtracting 24 hrs.

  • Chinese Sidereal Time: Add 8 hours.

Summary: Civic Time (+/– Local Time +/– Summer Time) + Sidereal Time = Sidereal Hour. Then convert to 24hrs and Chinese time as required.

Plotting the chart:

  • The position of the planets is easily calculated from the Ephemerides….. Note: The ST given in the Ephemerides refers to the ST at 00:00 hrs that day.

  • Look up the houses from the Table of Houses using SideReal time you calculated. The table may only give 6 houses in which case use the opposite sign for the opposite house. i.e. you have one half of the Zodiacal Wheel.

  • Hindu Astrology. Deduct the appropriate number of degrees for the Ayanamsa. i.e. 24 Degrees.