Ancient Chinese Astrology

Ancient Chinese Astrology is based on two wheels moving at a different rate. One wheel gives the zodiac of twelve animals and is based on Jupiter's zodiacal position. The second wheel has the five elements and thus gives a complete cycle of 60. The polarity alternates.

Chinese system is solar-lunar like the Arabic system and consists of 28 Xiu Mansions of the moon.

Chinese Elements:

**Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. **

The elements appear to change bi-yearly

Polarity: Ying/Yang

Rat1960 Metal Yang00-02
Ox1961 Meta Yin02-04
Tiger1962 Water Yang04-06
Rabbit1963 Water yin06-08
Dragon1964 Wood Yang08-10
Snake1965 Wood Yin10-12
Horse1966 Fire Yang12-14
Sheep/Goat1967 Fire Yin14-16
Monkey1968 Earth Yang16-18
Rooster1969 Earth Yin18-20
Dog1970 Metal Yang20-22
Pig/Boar1971 Metal Yin22-24